Pay and Display

962909_a1a47925d04ed1bf9d0e1c983d6a89e7.jpg_srz_305_170_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThe use of Pay and Display ticket machines is a successful and proven system that has been implemented with car parking nationwide for many years.

Simply display a valid ticket for parking on the dashboard of your vehicle at all times while located in the car park.

Pay and Display ticket machines are conveniently located throughout our car parks and are easy to use.

Contractual Terms and Conditions of parking are also displayed prominently at entries and throughout our car parks.

When you enter an ANCP car park, it is on the understanding that you will adhere to these simple conditions of entry*.

You should read the Contractual Terms and Conditions of parking when you enter the car park, as the conditions and parking bay costs may vary.

In some car parks, the owners offer a complimentary or “no cost” period of parking. At all times, you must display a valid ticket to take advantage of “no cost” parking. This enables our staff to monitor and manage no cost parking periods while still ensuring space turnover for the benefit of all customers.

*Parking made available by landlords is provided on private property whereby owners have the legal right to determine terms and conditions of parking based on the nature of the type of business and/or service provided to customers.