How to contest a Payment Notice

962909_7d1a2aaf8a4a9da52f9fbac29eae6d91.jpg_srz_305_170_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIf you believe that a Payment Notice should not have been issued to a vehicle or that there are circumstances in which you feel it should be withdrawn, then you should immediately appeal to ANCP as outlined below.

We suggest you review our Payment Notices page before making a decision to appeal.

To contest your Payment Notice, contact ANCP in writing by either fax or letter. All ​correspondence must be forwarded to:

Australian National Car Parks Pty Ltd
Payment Notice Department
PO Box 81
Annandale NSW 2038

Fax to:
Australian National Car Parks Pty Ltd
(02) 9660 8662

Alternatively you can call our Payment Notice Information Line on 1300 728 412 for any queries relating to the issue of a Payment Notice.

PLEASE NOTE: All appeals must be made in writing via either post or fax. Unfortunately no Payment Notice appeals can be investigated or withdrawn via telephone*.

Please ensure that any objection is sent within the designated time frame of 14 days from the date of the Payment Notice to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of parking set out by ANCP and prevent accrual of fees.

Once an objection has been received, the parking charge will remain at the lower charge rate until such time that the objection has been processed and assessed, and a decision has been taken.

Should you wish to pay the Payment Notice in addition to placing an appeal, then should the appeal be successful any monies received by ANCP will be refunded in full.

* Disputing payment notices is a legal engagement due to the breach of parking terms & conditions. All dispute correspondence must be submitted in writing to prevent misunderstanding and to ensure an accurate record of customer engagement and resolution process.​

Guidelines to appeal a payment notice:

What information should be included with my letter to appeal a Payment Notice?

Please include your name and address, Payment Notice number and/or the vehicle registration number as well as any other relevant information and documents available that will support your appeal. This may include:

  • Original pay and display parking ticket or receipt (or a certified copy)
  • Permit numbers (courier/disabled/resident)
  • Photographs and diagrams that support your claim
  • Statutory declaration/s (including from the other driver if this is your claim)

Please remember:

It is a criminal offence to provide a false declaration​

What happens next and how long does it take?

ANCP Payment Department will consider the appeal or objection and may:

  • Request further information or make further inquiries;
  • Waive the Payment Notice; or
  • Confirm that the Payment Notice must be paid.

The process of appeals & objections are often finalised within 21 days, although some may take longer, particularly where further information is required.

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your appeal or objection.

No legal action will be instituted until the outcome of your appeal or objection is determined and you are notified of the outcome.

Should you wish to pay the Payment Notice in addition to placing an appeal, then should the appeal be successful any monies received by ANCP will be refunded in full.

Where your appeal is unsuccessful, you are requested to settle the outstanding payment within 14 days. Where monies are not paid by the due date, debt collection and/or legal proceedings may under certain circumstances be instigated by ANCP or our agency.